Tokyo Tower - A landmark of Minato

Before the opening of the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower was the highest radio and TV tower in Tokyo. Standing at 333m tall, it was the tallest building in Japan before the opening of Tokyo Skytree. It is now  been use by limited broadcaster and as a backup transmitter after the TV signals gone digital.

2nd Floor of Main observatory

The nearest station from Tokyo Tower is Akabanebashi Station via the Akabanebashi exit and walk for about 5 minutes.

For me, I like to drop at Daimon or Hamamatsucho Station and take a stroll for about 15 minutes. From here, you could see the Tokyo Tower while you walk along the main road from the station, shops, restaurants and offices line the sidewalk.

Daimon 「大門」 Oringal image from Wikipedia

Along the way, you will come across a gate belong to Zojo-ji, the gate is called Daimon 「大門」. This is how the metro station get its name too.  The area is known as ShibaDaimon「芝大門」.

Tower tower is just behind Zojo-ji, complete in 23 Dec 1958 and is list as Japan National Cultural building in June 2013.

The design is inspired by Paris Eiffel Tower.


View from the main observatory - South Direction

I like to come to the Tokyo Tower in the evening. It is magical and romantic up in the observatory during the blue hours and night. Different direction shows a different part of Tokyo. 

The south direction view is fantastic, with the roads junction near Akabanebashi Station forming a brightly lit star.

The Tokyo Tower is a good place to visit for couples and families. Every Friday there is a DJ Night where visitors can request for music dedication. Maybe it's a good place for proposal? 

Article & Photo by:クリア

Tadaima - My homecoming trip to my furusato 「故郷」

For many of us who has grow up in one place, but moved to another town, city or country will have this kind of homecoming feeling. A feeling beyond a single type of expression. It is a mixture of many emotions, the longer you left, the more of such emotions will surface.

Narita Express E259 at Narita Airport Station

The train that enter is N'EX, I have to wait for the next train.

Many tourists who go on free and easy, the easiest way to get to Tokyo from Narita is either by Airport Bus or N'EX(Narita Express). For local, we usually use the rapid train which will arrive at the same platform. The different between the N'EX and rapid train is the seat fee and transfer. N'EX is a all reserved seating train, this means you have to pay extra on top of the usual fee for your seat. If you decide to forgo the seat fee, please make sure you know where to transfer. 

Now all N'EX rolling stock are E259 series, the old 253 series had fully retired from N'EX in June 2010. 

I was holding on to my down jacket when I disembarked from the aircraft, the airport terminal temperature is well controlled. The friendly Cabin Attendants were sort of surprise when they saw me not putting it on, when many other tourists were hugging their winter wear like a lifeline. Really warm and friendly Japanese Cabin Attendant I must say. 

Once I walked closer to the escalator that bring me down to the platform, the bitter cold air started to rush up. It refreshed me how cold can Narita be early in the morning. Yes, the train stations are not temperature controlled.  I have to fanatically put on my down jacket at the platform before the icy cold air gets me. 

I sat in the waiting area, looking at many tourists excitedly selfie-ing, rushing up the train and commenting how cold the station was.  

On my way to Tokyo, I looked out of the train window, I feel the happiness to be back in my hometown, together with a little excitement to meet all my friends some which I didn't catch up in real life for years.

Article & Photo by:クリア

Tokyo Daijingu 東京大神宮

Many travellers to Tokyo are familiar with several international landmarks of Tokyo, such as Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Senso-ji and of course Mount Fuji. Japan is also a land of shrine, the place of worship where Japanese gods are housed such as Meiji Shrine at Yoyogi-park which is popular with tourists and local.

Do you know there is a Love Shrine in Tokyo? At this shrine, worshippers come here to pray for good relationship and good marriage. The shrine is known as Tokyo Daijingu 東京大神宮.

Tokyo Daijingu 東京大神宮

A visit to the shrine during the weekend can be crowed with the number of women outshine men. Everyone wants a good relationship and a good marriage, doesn't us?

The shrine is located near to Iidabashi station, a short 10 minutes walk from the station. It is located in an area know as Fujimi 富士見, maybe long ago, one can see mount Fuji from here.

In front of Tokyo Daijingu main hall

At front of the Shrine main hall, you will pray to the deities housed in this shrine. The general public is not allow to enter into the hall of any shrine. 

Deities enshrined here are:

  • 天照皇大神(あまてらすすめおおかみ) Amaterasu-Sume-Ohkami
  • 豊受大神(とようけのおおかみ) Toyouke-no-Ohkami
  • 天之御中主神(あめのみなかぬしのかみ) Ameno-Minakanushi-no-kami)
  • 高御産巣日神(たかみむすびのかみ) Takamimusubi-no-kami
  • 神産巣日神(かみむすびのかみ) Kamimusubi-no-kami
  • 倭比賣命(やまとひめのみこと) Yamatohime-no-mikoto

The deities  has the divine power of creation and growth which include the virtue of togetherness, this divine power made Tokyo Daijingu a shrine popular for good marriage and relationship.

When one visits the shrine, you can get an omamori 「お守り」

Omamori stall at Tokyo Daijingu

The stall has all kinds of Omamori, those for good relationship, for studies, for road safety etc. If you are unsure, you may ask the person manning the stall. Please speak clearly and slowly if you are trying to ask in English. The person there and the Miko are usually very friendly.

Wish pladge (Left), Forunte telling (Right)

 Other than omamori, you can try your luck and check with fortune papers or put up your wishes. 

They are having a big event coming up on 31 Dec. I hope you enjoy this article.

Article & Photo by: Yuki